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Little Clifty Baptist Church

is not just an ordinary country church. But it is something you have to discover for yourself, so consider yourself invited!

Listed below are the ways you can
plug-in OR go unplugged with us.

Located outside the city,

well off the traveled path...


These church grounds are nestled deep in the beautiful country-side hills that Kentucky is known for. Coming here has to be a decision as intentional as our members are to make it a place free of judgment and full of love, joy, learning, and the abounding grace of God.

Why it's worth the drive! >
Youth Group

This is where it gets REAL! Students grades 6-12 gather at 10am for Sunday School and 6:30pm Wednesday nights to discover REAL TRUTH from the Bible and how it is essential to apply to their REAL LIFE to thrive instead of just survive the roller coaster of their teenage years.

Kid's Ministry

From nursery through 6th Grade, LCBC has classes and activities to keep kids of any age actively engaged and learning biblical principles in age-appropriate groups. Children are encouraged to join their family during Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary and enjoy weekly provided Bible Message Doodle Folders during the sermon.


Be sure to also check our Events for kid clubs, outings, fun family fellowship nights, Backyard Bible Schools, and VBS dates.


 A ministry that uses archery to teach participants (age 5+) the 11 steps to archery success and how God’s word can be sent out from us like an arrow from a bow. Classes offered are always free for students & adults. Archery equipment, devotional time, and a snack/meal will be provided by the church. Bows, arrows, & targets are designed to work together to provide a safe, quality shooting experience.


Due to multi-church practice sessions and tournaments, please check the Events page for posted locations as these can vary. LCBC does utilize the Church Shuttle Bus (handicap accessible) to help transport equipment and a limited amount of participants. Please contact the church in advance to request required sign-up forms for outings.

Kids Outdoor Zone

KOZ is conducted the Second Saturday of each month. Sign up now! (Boys ages 8-18; Mentors training age 19+) Boys of all backgrounds and situations gravitate to KOZ for mentorship, leadership, loving care, and the adventure of the outdoors. It also trains up men in churches to role model and disciple the boys that are in their church or neighborhoods. The HTLs (Harvest Team Leaders) are men trained through our mentor program to then hold monthly meetings. At these meetings, the kids are taught outdoor adventure skills with a fearless biblical and moral message. All literature and curriculum are provided. As the groups bond, the HTLs mentor the kids at other opportunities by planning hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure trips together. KOZ Mission Statement: KOZ is an Outdoor Adventure Ministry that provides kids with mentors and direction to become Godly adults. “No Kid Left Inside”©


< Connect to KOZ participants & receive

KOZ event notices posted via Facebook.

(Women's Missionary Union)

The WMU at Little Clifty Baptist Church is focused on missions and mission giving. Whether it’s sewing dresses for girls living in Nicaragua, assembling care packages for needy children both locally and around the world through Samaritans Purse, or raising money for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (International Missions), the Annie Armstrong Mission Offering (North American Missions), or the Ellias Broadus Offering (Kentucky Missions); the goal of the WMU is to be a loving outlet for women to creatively carry out the  Great Commission and be the hands of feet of Jesus.


Our WMU ladies also volunteer alongside missions of all other WMU church chapters in the Grayson County WMU Association, organize all LCBC fellowship meals, and provide home-cooked meal deliveries to neighbors that are ill, homebound, or request visitation.

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